We are delighted we have returned to face-to-face services, albeit with some restrictions.  For physical services we are encouraged to
⬧ follow social distancing
⬧ wear face masks/coverings
⬧ use hand sanitiser
⬧ avoid congregational singing
⬧ avoid refreshments afterwards
⬧ follow new rules for Holy Communion

Of course the guidance may change and we will be keeping an eye on the changes.

We will meet in church (for those who are ready and able to) at 10.00am on Sunday mornings.  This service will be available later in the day as a recording via both Vimeo and Facebook.
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For the order of service for the most recent (or next) service please click the link below: 
Sun 27 Sept 2020 order of service (1)

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Online Groups
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Vicar’s Letters
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        virus update 18 September 2020
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A helpful list of online Christian resources is contained in this document:
         Online Christian Resources
(Additional resources can be found in several of the Vicar’s Letters)